What is the “Rebound program”?

All of us will REBOUND to a better tomorrow and breathe cleaner air, have fresher minds, and come out physically fitter. The REBOUND program is dedicated to all of us and our undying spirit of resilience.

As part of this, we have gathered key insights on what it is that consumers need today, and what they will need in the future.

If you would like to speak to us about this report, the Rebound program or how you can use the power of data to impact your business today, email us at delight@goals101.ai

The Results are in!

  • Video streaming and online education platforms are booming!

  • 67% of respondents would look to resume their discretionary spends using online channels within
    the next 3 months!

  • ~40% looking to go back to restaurants as soon as possible!

  • Repair & maintenance activities, personal grooming to expect a surge in coming weeks!

Who are we?

We at Goals101, a technology company, are using the power of AI to make the life of consumers easier and more delightful through our partnerships with the world’s leading merchants and banks.