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How Coronavirus impacted what humans buy

2020-10-05T10:26:25+05:30October 1st, 2020|

Time doesn’t stop for anyone but as the Coronavirus hit the world, it brought time to a standstill for some but for others, there were decades where nothing happened; and then there were weeks when decades happened. Here we analyse the Indian Economy to understand what businesses gained traction during the pandemic and what sectors faced resistance to their performance. We'll try to explain what exactly caused the 23.9% drop in the Indian GDP for April - June 2020 compared to the erstwhile year and also try to analyse which sectors have come out of this slump and which sectors are still lagging behind after measures have been taken to open up the economy. For this, we consider January 2020 as our base month and give it a score of 100 and the sector-wise monthly performance is compared to this base month’s consumption. So, we consider January 2020 as [...]

Selecting the right tech stack for a data pipeline solution

2020-06-13T21:16:08+05:30June 13th, 2020|

DESIGNING THE LAYER This step involves conceptualizing the solution and defining the components required for implementation Storage: Bring data to an internal storage layer. This is a very important step, considering that the sources are purely for data transfer and there is no guarantee of persistence or availability. Identification: We receive multiple types of data from our partners. Every type of data has its own input definition, output definition and processing steps. There was a need to identify the type of data and triage it to the corresponding data processor. Normalisation: Process the files as soon as the data is sent by the partners. The data is normalised to match the schema required by downstream components. The normalised files would then be picked by scheduled batch processing jobs DATA INGESTION COMPONENTS File Watcher: Identifies new files and triggers data processing jobs Workflow Orchestrator: Runs defined data processing workflow to [...]

7 ways to work effectively from home

2020-04-21T08:31:25+05:30April 21st, 2020|

Many of us are familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need – only second to the physiological needs of food and water, is the need for Security and Safety. If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty is the new normal. However, I still choose to look at the silver lining, this too shall pass and we will wake up to a new world when this is over. […]

Goals101 team update & work focus during the Covid-19 outbreak

2020-04-18T14:25:24+05:30April 18th, 2020|

At Goals101, our focus has been on 3 things viz. 1) Ensuring the safety and well-being of our teams 2) Delivering enhanced value and uninterrupted support to our global customers and partners 3) Accelerating our innovation to release new products in the Intelligent Banking domain with a high degree of relevance to the post Covid-19 world. Goals101 family All our employees worldwide continue to work remotely and we are incredibly proud of their dedication and commitment. As a company we have also decided that not a single team member shall be retrenched, for the reasons of Covid-19. Our team is our family and there is no better time than in duress that we all show strong character, resolve & live by the word in spirit ‘we are one family & are stronger together’. Customer commitment As a global company & with customers all across the globe we are consistently [...]

A message from our MD

2020-03-24T10:46:49+05:30March 23rd, 2020|

Over the last few weeks, we all have been closely monitoring the increasing uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19. I wanted to share some thoughts on how we are managing the situation. In order to ensure the health and safety of Our Employees and ensuring business continuity, we had preemptively enabled work from home for our entire team, before government action was announced. It gives me great pride to share that our teams remain just as productive, and also feel a lot safer. To Our Customers and Partners, We remain fully committed to your success and delivering on the commitments we have made. As a technology company, the best way we can respond is by utilizing this time to build additional features and accelerate product development of new products. Over the course of next few weeks my teams and I shall approach you with innovative ideas to help your [...]

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