India’s Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: An overview by Nikhil Raj, Senior Vice President – CISO

2020-01-03T14:52:37+05:30January 3rd, 2020|

Data, since the advent of Information Technology, has been a huge bane for most of us due to its usage and hence, a strong bill was required to monitor its rightful utilization. To augment this process, the Govt. of India has tabled the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 in the Parliament recently. While the intent is in line with the thought process of creating proper guidance of data and its usage, there have been several contrarian views in light of a number of key factors such as storage of personal data as well as the accessibility of sensitive personal data of Indian citizens by the Government security agencies. To understand a few of these key pointers, let’s understand what exactly the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 mentions in its key charters. Classification of Data First, it has to be clearly accepted that there needs to be a clear [...]