At Goals101, our focus has been on 3 things viz. 1) Ensuring the safety and well-being of our teams 2) Delivering enhanced value and uninterrupted support to our global customers and partners 3) Accelerating our innovation to release new products in the Intelligent Banking domain with a high degree of relevance to the post Covid-19 world.

Goals101 family

All our employees worldwide continue to work remotely and we are incredibly proud of their dedication and commitment. As a company we have also decided that not a single team member shall be retrenched, for the reasons of Covid-19. Our team is our family and there is no better time than in duress that we all show strong character, resolve & live by the word in spirit ‘we are one family & are stronger together’.

Customer commitment

As a global company & with customers all across the globe we are consistently monitoring the situation and taking customer feedback to ensure we act swiftly, make any necessary adjustments, and shift course as new information becomes available. As a technology company, our business continuity plans were set in motion ahead of time. We do not anticipate any drop in our productivity, and we continue to deliver our services 24×7.

Looking ahead

We strongly believe that the Banking world needs our Alpha product more than it has in the past, which is why our innovation teams are working extra hard to launch New & advanced features of our current Platform – Alpha. In the coming few weeks some of you would have the opportunity to participate in our trial of new product Alpha 100X – this will revolutionize every aspect of Retail banking by bringing in high levels of automation, intelligence and customer delight.

Thank you to our team & partners for the commitment and belief.
To the Rebound ahead

Visham Sikand
Founder @ Goals101, on behalf of the Goals101 Family